I consider the word beauty very subjective. What is beautiful to me might not be beautiful to others, those whom I find beautiful, others may not. I work in a place that has a set uniform and requires us to have our hair up. I always felt, and still do, prettier with my hair down. It is a daily struggle for me to feel beautiful at work, however, lately i have begun to feel more beautiful.

However, today after my shift I changed back into my street clothes and let my naturally curly hair down. Many of my coworkers exclaimed that I looked so different and that I looked very pretty. It’s days like this that make me wonder if I am prettier with my hair down versus up.

Recently I have been through a time of change, and have dropped twenty pounds in the past year. I was never overweight, however, it feels to me as though I need to change. To me the change is good, and I welcome more changes in the future.

But in a time based on the outward appearance of the masses who base their lives around celebrities who are not fully naturally beautiful I can’t help but wonder if the future generations will feel more of a need to become societies definition of beautiful.

Inversely, who amĀ  I to say that the celebrities that people idolize and follow are not naturally beautiful, because after all beauty is subjective.